For International Students

If you are an internationally-educated nurse (IEN) wanting to become a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse in Canada, the Canadian Nursing Review Program can provide you with the skills required to meet Canadian standards and language in preparation of achieving your nursing license.

This Canadian Nursing Review Program was designed specifically for International Students.

The program length is 18 months and is made up of 6 main components:

  1. Medical Terminology & Communication
  2. CELBAN Test Preparation
  3. Canadian Nursing Review
  4. Workplace Prep & Nurse Licensing Exam Prep (CRNE/NCLEX-RN* or CPNRE)
  5. The Co-Op Education Work Experience
  6. Leadership in Nursing
(*CRNE: Canadian Registered Nurse Examination, CPNRE: Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination.  As of January 2015, the CRNE will be replaced by the Canadian NCLEX-RN exam)

1-2) Medical Terminology & Communication covers vocabulary, reading, writing, conversation and  pronunciation, abbreviations and terminology used in nursing in North America.  CELBAN Test Prep helps students maximize their English competency test score which is required for Nurse registration in Canada.   CELBAN is currently one of the only English tests accepted by the Nursing regulatory body in British Columbia, Canada.

Note: students who have already achieved an English score level higher than IELTS 6.5 or equivalent may qualify for the 12-month ADVANCED program

3-4) The Canadian Nursing Review and Workplace/Licensing Exam Prep courses teach skill-development, critical-thinking training for nursing judgments, test question approach strategies and cultural awareness.  Students have the opportunity to develop their practical experience during on-site laboratory sessions and case-study simulations, ensuring they can be well prepared for safe and effective practice in the workforce.

5) The Co-Op Work Experience is an essential component of the program as students are required to complete nursing hours before they can be granted full registration as a nurse in Canada.  Students have the opportunity to complete a co-op work experience at a Canadian hospital or health care facility.  Nursing procedures vary from country to country, so the work experience offers invaluable training in nursing in a North American health care environment.

6) Leadership in Nursing equips students with much needed entry-level leadership and management skills.

Once completed, successful graduates of this program will be much more confident about working in the Canadian health care environment.

Admission Requirements

  • Must be registered as an RN in country of origin
  • Minimum CELBAN score of 6, or IELTS score 5.5, or TOEFL/TSE 500/40, or a 6 on the CELBAN Readiness Test and pass an interview with OMNI Admissions
  • Must have a minimum of 1125 hours of nursing experience within the last 4 years

Program Length
18 months full time

Note: students who have already achieved an English score level higher than IELTS 6.5 or equivalent may qualify for the 12-month ADVANCED program

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